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        Control laminator production operation

        Control laminator production operation

        On the lower rolling roller, because there is no regular cleaning and accumulated a certain amount of glue, block synchronous rolling paper and corrugated cardboard conveying, so, the chain should be timely cleaning machines, cleaning, and keep good lubrication; for the former syndiospecific appear become loose, should be timely and take corresponding measures to deal with; adjust the paper pressing plate strip position, to maintain a certain friction and cardboard, paper and prevent excessive advance; often should clean up the lower rolling roller, the glue or dirty. When mounting printing glossy paper thin and curled case, the speed of the machine can not drive too fast loading paper and corrugated cardboard, they are about the relative position to alignment, and not because of a paper positioning deviation error, generating a transverse mounted allowed, in order to ensure that the paper and corrugated paper mounting position accurate, machine production speed to a reasonable grasp according to paper characteristics; paper loading to the alignment relative position paper and corrugated cardboard;, the chain under the travel must be accurate; and lower paper after the alignment will pile board retaining paper limiting device fixed.

        Covering machine

        Laminator is a carton machinery and equipment, can produce a huge role and value in carton production, with the production characteristics and structure in production and production, can make it to have an important role and value in actual use, can ensure good performance and value, and give full play to a certain role. Laminator with production control structure and system of the in use, can be made in accordance with the principles and methods of production and.

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