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        How to ensure that the production process is not accidental

        How to ensure that the production process is not accidental

        Equipment in the trial production process, we should pay attention to the "view, smell, touch method" check cladding machine whether to maintain a normal state, view, is to pay attention to have a look on the working state of machine parts, action has no abnormal; Wen, is to pay attention to listen to the machine has no abnormal sound; touch, is just the machine runs over a period of time, to the timely shutdown to touch the machine of some rotating shaft, gear and other rotating parts, whether obvious temperature rise and produce abnormal hot feeling, such as the abnormal phenomenon, should immediately stop check, found that the problem timely treatment, the machine is in use process, must operate strictly according to the specification of equipment requirements, and make the machine lubrication and regular maintenance work, which is to ensure that the equipment keep good precision, effective guarantee to improve the efficiency and quality of production.

        Mounting machine knowledge sharing

        Laminating card machine with frequency control of motor speed, full hydraulic device, a photoelectric counting, low noise, less land occupation, low energy consumption, less plastic, suitable for all kinds of wine, a composite of various types of packaging, and composite fastness, smooth crisp, not moldy, no shrinkage, the interchangeability of parts, such as automatic device can be changed. For each kind of paper is particularly strong adaptability.

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