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        Our latest Recruitment

        The number of trade commissioner :( 2)

        Education: Any professional requirements: with English majors

        Age: 22 to 40 years old Sex: Open

        Salary: Negotiable Job: Full Time

        Work Address: Wenzhou Experience: 3 years of relevant industry experience or graduates

        Mechanical fitter: Number of workers assembling :( 4)

        Education: Any professional requirements: Open

        Age: Any Sex: Open

        Salary: Negotiable Job: Full Time

        Work Address: Wenzhou Work Experience: Requires extensive industry experience or apprenticeship

        The number of mechanical parts inspector :( 2)


        1. Mainly responsible for the work and machine parts factory acceptance testing;

        2. Will look at the drawings


        1. At least 2 years work experience is preferred;

        2. Serious and responsible, a good work ethic;

        Warehouse Manager (1)


        1, the implementation and management of warehouse supplies related to SOP, warehouse operations to ensure smooth;

        2, responsible for daily supplies warehouse inspection, storage, stacking, storage, inventory, reconciliation and other work;

        3, responsible for picking warehouse supplies daily, review, loading and shipping work;

        4, responsible for keeping clean the warehouse goods and the environment, neat and health;

        5, is responsible for the custody and archiving relevant documents;

        6, statistical data warehouse, archive, enter billing and system data;

        7, other matters assigned by department heads.


        1, secondary and higher education, logistics, warehousing or related preferred;

        2, warehouse work experience at least 3 years of mechanical plant;

        3, familiar with the warehouse into the ship operational processes, with materials storage expertise and skills;

        4, familiar with computer office software;

        5, positive-working, responsible, cooperative and innovative spirit

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