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        March 2016 new dual-use folder gluing machine was launched

        GSF series folder gluer is currently the best paste box program on the market, allowing you to have the most optimized settings, the most simple and fast operating platform and the most reasonable price.

        The series is particularly suitable for large and medium-sized packaging companies, commercial printing plant, to meet the different format, a variety of box-shaped paste box needs.

        Flexible and efficient operation, and have high-performance mechanical electrical configuration.

        All models can choose to configure the most advanced electronic glue system.

        Smartfold series of intelligent automatic paste box machine has the following three significant features, ① intelligent, to the paper, pre-fold, lock at the end of the sub-partial design, can be completely free to choose configuration, box, hexagonal box and special box Type design; ② for corrugated boxes and cardboard boxes, that is, cardboard, corrugated dual-use models; ③ a new generation of high-speed models with wedge-shaped belt drive, the speed of up to 400 m / minute.

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